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Love Selling Hate Sales Podcast

This Podcast is dedicated to exploring both sides of the sales equation featuring interviews with top sales professionals and sales leaders who share their wisdom of how to balance the selling & the sales. 

May 18, 2020

Kyle joins Love Selling Hate Sales with 2 decades of sales and marketing experience under his belt. Kyle teaches us that selling is "romance" if we are not creating a feeling during the courtship of our prospects then we are doing it wrong. Kyle puts to LOVE in Love Selling.

Sellers have an opportunity today to collaborate with marketing to leverage deep understanding of the buyer and the buyer journey to create that meaningful connection. You know that moment in a sales cycle when you you are on a text message basis with your prospect? That's part of the romance. B2B sales requires courtship, trust building and active listening to move a deal to close. Listen to Kyle as he offers sellers a message of quality and value.