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Love Selling Hate Sales Podcast

This Podcast is dedicated to exploring both sides of the sales equation featuring interviews with top sales professionals and sales leaders who share their wisdom of how to balance the selling & the sales. 

Jun 1, 2020

Jake Dunlap is the Founder and CEO of Skaled Consulting. Jake is Shaping the Future of Modern Sales and Marketing. He has a rare balance of the the art and science of sales. Jake believe the data serves as your short cut to finding buyers who are going to be the most receptive to your message.

He learned early on selling tickets to for a MLB club that there are trends in the data you can use to your advantage. The data will only get you so far, you must have the skill to successfully sell. Skill starts with empathy, not that fake empathy that most people use. Real empathy is not simply acknowledgement, rather that understanding of what what the person on the other side is going through AND how it impacts them!

Jake is a huge proponent sellers leveraging tools like LinkedIn to build a platform, be useful to their prospect and gain more conversations... at the end of the day isn't that what every seller is looking to do? Listen for some of Jake's tops tips and tricks for more effectively leveraging LinkedIn as a B2B seller. Get more from Jake on LinkedIn: