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Love Selling Hate Sales Podcast

This Podcast is dedicated to exploring both sides of the sales equation featuring interviews with top sales professionals and sales leaders who share their wisdom of how to balance the selling & the sales. 

Dec 19, 2021

Todd McCormick has had a tremendous career as a sales leader. Leading teams in the Enterprise at IBM to his current startup role as the CRO at Vital4. Todd talks about helping companies and helping people. The two must exist together as it sets the tone for culture. We also do a deep dive into how to diagnose your best...

Dec 12, 2021

Episode 63 covers 2021 trends in Marketing and Sales with Dave Karr. Dave is the host of the B2B Enablement Podcast and VP of Marketing & Business Development at We cover the rise of customer experience, orchestration and...

Dec 5, 2021

Mark Siciliano is the VP of Productivity at Drift. Mark helps sellers think about selling in a different way. It's not about product, features and function, but starting with the business. If you don't know how the business makes money and what's in it for the person on the other end you are doing it wrong. You can...

Nov 15, 2021

Nelson is the author of Death of the SDR, Birth of Buyer Centric Revenue. In this episode we talk about the downfalls of Predictable Revenue in modern sales and marketing and the merits of Buyer Centric Revenue by comparison. You can find Nelson on LinkedIn and his book on

Nov 7, 2021

Dan Pfister is evangelizing Winback as a lower cost, higher margin revenue play. On his show we talk about easy things sellers can do to make winback a part of their playbook.

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