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Love Selling Hate Sales Podcast

This Podcast is dedicated to exploring both sides of the sales equation featuring interviews with top sales professionals and sales leaders who share their wisdom of how to balance the selling & the sales. 

Nov 15, 2020

For Jackie Bosque-Diaz sales is all about providing value. Value starts with understanding who is the best fit for your product or services. 

Fit is so important because if without fit, it's incredibly hard to take a value first approach. 

Fit help you as a seller to deeply understand your buyer and consequently how you...

Nov 8, 2020

Chris Walker is the Founder and CEO of Refine Labs and the Host of the State of Demand Gen Podcast. 

Chris and I have recorded several shows together, this time we drill into ABM.

ABM is really nothing new, but the term was adopted by marketers as a way to better align with sales. 

Great in concept, but poor in...

Nov 1, 2020

Brede joins the show as the VP of Sales at Dynamicweb, a Denmark based software company offering a cloud based Digital Experience for its customers.

Brede talks about transitioning from a traditional product based sales model to digital, the challenges of globalization and selling through the...