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Love Selling Hate Sales Podcast

This Podcast is dedicated to exploring both sides of the sales equation featuring interviews with top sales professionals and sales leaders who share their wisdom of how to balance the selling & the sales. 

Jun 28, 2020

There is no seller on the planet who embraces the grind like Brett Samurin. 

This guy has over 15 years is SaaS sales and has never taken a single day for granted. 

When you think through the lens of Love Selling Hate Sales, the art vs. science, the relationships vs. the metric, Brett does it all. 

Not to mention he is...

Jun 22, 2020

It was truly amazing to hear about how Roy and the team Chorus leverage the massive amount of data from call recordings to build a supporting sales community internally.

When we talk about the metrics (sales) side of the equation, the team at Chorus takes it to a whole other level.

In an extremely positive and...

Jun 15, 2020

Jim and I met on a LinkedIn thread on the topic of scripting in sales. Jim is a sales coach and trainer and brings decades of experience on building fluency in sales and doing it at scale.

Jim's 3 compounds to building fluency are...

1. The markets you sell into

2. The people you sell to

3. The products and how people...

Jun 8, 2020

Scott is the founder of Top1FM and the Sales Success Podcast where he regularly interviews the top individual contributor from companies across the US.

The lessons learned from interviewing over 200 top producers have had an amazing impact on his own career. Scott shares dozens of great anecdotes in this episode of Love...

Jun 1, 2020

Jake Dunlap is the Founder and CEO of Skaled Consulting. Jake is Shaping the Future of Modern Sales and Marketing. He has a rare balance of the the art and science of sales. Jake believe the data serves as your short cut to finding buyers who are going to be the most receptive to your message.

He learned early on...